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Weighing sugar for 14 Day Pickles

Have you ever had to measure out several cups of something and forgot where you got to?  This recipe calls for a lot of sugar and with little ones running around the house I would loose count of how many cups I had and have to start over.  I finally measured out how many cups were in a 5lb bag of sugar (11 cups) and converted it to my recipe.  Now I don't have to worry about loosing count.

Weighing scales to ship to Amazon

What I love most about my scales with it's small footprint and compact size - I can weigh up to 7 kg. or 15.43 lbs.  A lot of small scales only weigh up to 5 kg. or 11 lbs.  Sometimes, 11 lbs. just isn't enough.  There are 10 scales being weighed in the picture.  I can weigh them in parts (i.e. 9 or 10 at a time), add the weights, plus the weight of the empty box and figure my shipping cost without having to purchase something larger.  There's more than one way to skin a rabbit as the old saying goes.  


Smoothie with 30 g. protein powder

Does your protein powder come with a scoop?  Mine doesn't.  Kind of annoying.  But I found you don't get exact weights with the little scoop anyway and I have plenty of spoons, why pay for a scoop I'm just going to throw away.  If you scoop your protein powder, it will pack tighter giving you more than if you spoon it into your scoop.  It also makes a difference if your product has settled in the container or if it's lose and fluffy.  So, I weigh it getting the same amount each shake. 🙂 

Weighing flour for a gluten free Hearty Sandwich Bread

It's kind of hard to see in the pic, but there are three different flours in the bowl. I tare-d the scale after each addition, then added the next flour.  I try to put each new addition in one spot in the bowl, just in case I put too much and must take some out (which happens a lot!).  If you use your scale like this, check your recipe and start weighing your flours with the one calling for the smallest amount first.  It's easier to remove excess if you get to much to start with this way.

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